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4 May 2022 by Niki Kozak

6 Shopify apps I enjoying working with

There are dozens of apps available in the Shopify app store. Some of them are paid, some of them are free. It’s not easy to pick the right app for your store. Even if the apps can do the same feature, there is always a difference. Anyway, I decided to create a list of my favorite apps on Shopify. I’ll be regularly updating the article by adding further apps that I like.

1. Shopify Inbox

This is an awesome app! It’s developed by the Shopify team and hence you can install and use the app for free. It’s a great app for communicating with your (potential) customers. This app enables you to install live chat on your store, create automated messages, quick replies and help your customers get order status quickly. Besides this, you can get back to left messages on live chat anytime from Inbox app and also download Shopify inbox iOS or Android app to your phone. What I really like on this app is the smooth installation, free tier and very nice live chat window and icon design. Learn more about the app here.

2. Product Options Variant Option

The app can do real magic! It can add so many additional features to your store without writing a single line of code. From adding unlimited variant options, using conditional logic to price add-ons such as onetime fee option, minimum and maximum order quantity, and else. I also appreciate the tiered wholesale pricing and possibility of adding file upload option for your customers (e.g. for uploading custom logo). I think the app is just awesome and can enhance your store greatly. What I also like is the free plan for development store. Then you need to pay monthly for using the app, however, the tiers start from $7.90/month. Learn more about the app here.

3. Drop a Hint 2.0

A lovely app which enables your customers to drop a hint to their love ones to let them know they like a specific product. Installation is very straightforward. What I really like is the fully customizable hint card – you can easily create a card for desktop and mobile view in a friendly and intuitive way. Plus, you can also choose how the button Drop a Hint will look like on your pages. Adding the piece of code on your pages is also very easy and intuitive. What I really like is the design. The customizable cards and the Drop a Hint button design are just beautiful. Depending on the hints you expect to be sent, you can choose from three plans, the starter plan costs $15/month. Definitely worth investing in! Learn more about the app here.

4. Alert Me! Restock Alerts

Products out of stock? No problem. This apps enables your customers to get informed when certain products are back in stock. You can easily customize the form design, button, and all text to match the store’s brand. When a certain product is restocked, this app sends out automatically an email to all customers who signed up for the restock notification. No coding is required. You can add the out of stock form to product and collection pages. The installation is very easy and intuitive. There is only one plan – unlimited plan – for $5/month. Learn more about the app here.

If you’re running your business in EU countries, you must obtain consent from web visitors in order to track any of their data on your store. And for this reason, you must inform them about that and request their consent. The easiest and most common way is to implement a GDPR cookie bar on your store and this app can do it for you. The app installation is 100% developer free. You can easily change the design, text of the cookie bar and control the cookie bar placement on desktop and mobile view. What is great is that this app is free of charge! Learn more about the app here.

6. Shopify Search & Discovery

Would you like to display related products on product pages on top of the automatically generated recommendations by Shopify? Well, this app offers a great solution. You can either mix the automatically generated recommendations with manually added related products, or you can just add products you wish to be displayed along with the specific product. Apart from this, you can create additional filters such as Color, Size (according to your product variants), or you can also use metafields to filter the products out. Last but not least, you can also boost some of your products in the store search as well as define synonyms to help you customers find related products easily. Learn more about the app here.

These six Shopify apps are my favorite ones! I’ll be regularly adding more apps to this list. What are your favorite apps? Share them with me! Are there any apps you’re struggling to install on your store? Let me know. I’ll be happy to help you.

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