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18 July 2021 by Niki Kozak

Do the chocolate brands want us to lose weight or just need to increase their profit?

My favorite milk chocolate bar used to have 100 grams. Generally, it was more or less a common practice that regular chocolate bars used to have 100g on average, right? (I’m not talking about any limited editions, I mean the regular 100g bar.) Be it Lindt, Milka, Cadbury or any other worldwide chocolate brands . However, things are changing these days. I’ve noticed that the chocolate brands have started decreasing the weight of their chocolate bars. And the question is straightforward. Why is this happening?

The same wrapper, thinner chocolate bar

Right now, my favorite milk chocolate bar has 80g instead of 100g. The change in grams isn’t the main thing I’m stressing here, the main issue is that the wrapper has remained totally the same! This creates the feeling that the bar is exactly the same bar you used to buy – the one with 100 grams. The chocolate producers are making the chocolate bars thinner but at the same time, they are keeping the same package size. I assume most of the consumers haven’t noticed they’re buying smaller chocolate bars for the same price. What’s worse is that the brands don’t usually communicate this significant change! The reason behind this change is crystal clear, I think. The chocolate producers need to decrease the costs. Probably because they were forced to do so (competition reasons), or just wanted to increase the profit by decreasing the costs and remaining the same price.

Don’t communicate the change to your customers!

So, my question is, why don’t the chocolate producers openly communicate it? Do they really think that customers don’t notice that? And if yes, do they hope that their customer base is so loyal that they won’t stop purchasing the chocolate bars? Well, I don’t belong to these customers. I noticed that. And I don’t like it. I want back my 100g chocolate bar for the same price! And yeah, If I really need to lose my weight, I can figure it out by myself. I don’t need chocolate brands to help me by decreasing the weight in grams without letting me know. This “consumer” non-notice technique seems to be gaining popularity among food brands. It’s very common to see that packages which used to have 1000g, have 900g now, or 500g have 450g, and so on. So what’s the problem? Are you afraid of saying the truth and being fair with your customers? If yes, your customers aren’t probably that loyal as you assumed and/or your products just suck!

Reduce calorie count or increase the profit?

Anyway, some brands have openly announced the change in size (such as Cadbury) with the explanation to reduce the calorie count. Is it the real reason or are the brands hidding the main reason – the profit – behind the calorie count?

Happy to hear your thoughts!

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